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Energy Resources Corp. At The Exempt Market Dealer Show

May 25, 2011

Energy Resource Corp. - Its Executive Management Team and Operating Partners will be exhibiting at the Alternative Investment Opportunity at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on June 11, 2011.

The Alternative Investment Opportunity Conference is a one day event which will bring together a wide variety of little known exempt market investment opportunities for investors under one roof. Many of these opportunities were previously only known by a select few or unavailable to the general public. As an attendee, you will be able to speak to management of companies ranging from early stage to steady cash flow generating in a wide range of industries from farmland to oil and gas to real estate.

Investors will also gain valuable insight from a top notch list of industry experts and learn about this little known segment of the Canadian Capital Markets. After listening to our speakers, you will learn information that high net worth individuals have known all along - how exempt securities can enhance returns while lowering risk in your portfolio, tax strategies using these securities and more.  Our CEO Mehran Ehsan is one of the Key Note Speakers at this event on Oil and Gas related matters and the current offering we have within this sector.

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