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Energy Resources Corp. Announces Non Brokered Offerings To Raise $10,000,000 For Its Kentucky Petroleum Limited Partnership

January 4, 2011

Energy Resources puts forward Private Placement offering for Oil & Gas Limited Partnership through national EMD channels.

Energy Resources Corp. (“Energy Resources” or the “Company”) is arranging a non - brokered private placement through Exempt Market Dealer (“EMD”) channels nationally consisting of up to 2,000 limited partnership units at the price of $5,000 per unit to raise gross proceeds of up to $10,000,000

The Company has agreed to pay the EMD’s a cash finder’s fee equal to 10% of the gross proceeds. The proceeds from the offering will be used to acquire or operate currently producing properties, enhance proven developed non-producing properties or develop proven undeveloped properties in the portfolio.



“Mehran Ehsan”
President & Director

Energy Resources Corporation is an international oil and gas Exploration & Production company mainly focusing on distressed and secondary properties that have current production with unparalleled room to grow.

The EMD's chosen to represent this product will be fully licensed in their jurisdiction of operations, and will require full compliance with the regulatory changes in the exempt markets.  Energy Resources is continuously in search of strategic partnerships with EMD's nationwide in order to provide the best investments to be shelved in this space.