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Energy Resources Corp Appoints New Director and Executive Officer

November 18, 2010

Energy Resources Corp. is very pleased to announce the appointment of Barry Whelan as Chief Operating Officer and Director.

Barry Whelan brings to his position at Energy Resources Corp. as COO/Director, 30 years' experience working for such companies as but not limited to KOS Energy Ltd., Next Millennium Commercial Corp., Opal Energy Ltd., Copper Creek Ventures Ltd.,

Avro Energy, Polar Resources Ltd., ProAm Exploration Corporation, Voyageur Oil and Gas Corp., Bighorn Petroleum to name a few. Mr. Whelan has represented a diverse array of energy market participants including oil, gas and other resources based companies with clients ranging from global energy concerns to start-up companies.

As a Geological Consultant, Mr. Whelan has been active in natural resource and industrial development companies with natural resource holdings in oil, gas and minerals, worldwide. Responsibilities include: economic evaluations of properties; research and development of projects which have economic potential; evaluation of projects and their requirements for capital; presentations to management, financial institutions, and shareholders; economic analysis of resource properties and coordination of acquisition, development and production for resource properties; filing of V.S.E. reports, assessment reports and property evaluations for petroleum and mining companies on resource properties. The geographical areas of operations and research include North America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Indonesia, Kenya, Israel, Papua New Guinea and China.

Mr. Whelan received his Bachelor of Arts, Geology, from University of Western Ontario in 1961, Bachelors of Science, Honours Geology, McMaster University, 1965. He is or has been also a member of Geological Association of Canada, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Province of British Columbia, Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, Institute of Petroleum, London

Energy Resources President and CEO Mehran Ehsan stated, “We are very pleased to have Barry join our Operation side of the business, as his superior experience and knowledge in this area will bring us to the for-fronts of the industry in the years to come".

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