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Energy Resources believes that conventional and non-conventional reserves will be integral to fulfilling global energy needs for economic development for decades to come. Our role is to create investment vehicles to insure the public’s participation in our profitable extraction and delivery; while utilizing the most environmentally and socially responsible ways possible.

Our objectives include intensive market intelligence and property analysis to commercially develop, operate and market the resources and associated infrastructure for the sustainable benefit of our clients and the global community.

Energy Resources views the North American energy sector as one of the most critical components to the North American economy. Thus, provides significant opportunities for investment, production and supply of advanced technologies to facilitate increased production.

Energy Resources was created to focus on the recovery of hydrocarbon reserves through market intelligence + market analysis, acquisitions and project development with a major emphasis on mature and marginal field enhancement, developmental exploitation drilling and production opportunities.

Energy Resources is proud to offer investor’s strong energy based investment programs, with both sustainable cash-flow and capital appreciation as pivotal criteria’s.