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Energy Resources is currently focused on properties and projects in key strategic geographical locations in the United States and Canada.

United States

  • U.S oil industry produces over 9 million b/day over twice the amount of production in Canada (4.07 million b/day).
  • The U.S. remained the world's biggest oil producer in 2014, after overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia.
  • United States consumes 18.9 Million barrels of oil per day that represents over 20% of world consumption and 8 times the amount Canada consumes.
  • United States has produced more oil cumulatively, than any other countries reserves in the world, including S.A.
  • The United States in 2011 exported more petroleum products, on an annual basis, than it imported for the first time since 1949, with the trend continuing in 2014


  • Canada is the fifth largest oil producing country in the world.
  • Canada holds the world's second-largest oil reserves, taking into account Alberta oil sands previously considered too expensive to develop.
  • Total Canadian proved oil reserves are estimated at 173.2 billion barrels, almost 80% more than US (36.52 billion barrels)*
  • Canadian exports have grown over 3 million barrels per day to the US in 2014.


Energy Resources and its professional staff and partners are continuously analyzing the following geographic areas which have either been acquired or under analysis for potential acquisition by the firm. The current significant drop in oil prices from last quarter of 2014 has provided the company with exceptional entry points on acquisition of undervalued assets.

Project Locations USA






Energy Resources is actively involved in market intelligence in core areas of the state to showcase a project worth being involved in from all aspects of a secure investment. Texas is the leading crude oil-producing State in the Nation (excluding Federal offshore areas, which produce more than any single State). The State's signature type of crude oil, known as West Texas Intermediate (WTI), remains the major benchmark of crude oil in the Americas.


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Energy Resources team has evaluated properties and short listed candidates in this province ranging from current production PDP to behind pipeline opportunities. Alberta is the largest producer of conventional crude oil, synthetic crude, and natural gas and gas products in Canada and is home to the third largest crude oil resource in the world. With over 392,000 kilometres of energy-related pipelines (including oil and natural gas), the Alberta Hub plays a vital role in North America’s natural gas supply. There were over 9,000 equipment and service firms employing 120,000 Albertans in 2013.

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Energy Resources team has evaluated and is running further due diligence on properties in this province ranging from current production PDP to behind pipeline opportunities. Saskatchewan is Canada’s second largest crude oil producer, making up about 17% of national oil production. The province’s daily production is at approximately 425,000 barrels/day. Saskatchewan has about eight billion barrels of crude oil and about 10 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

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