N.A Energy Resources Corporation is an oil and gas Development & Production company mainly focusing on properties that have current production with potential room to grow. We let our many years of experience and well - honed intuition guide us in deciding which projects promise success in the long-run; from acquisition, production to new developmental stages.  By focusing on production we are able to provide an investment with current cash flow to investors through active production, and capital appreciation to them through development of new wells.

Here is a baseline of how Energy Resources actively searches, analyses conventional and un-conventional projects in the market place:*

  • Energy Resources Professional team, Partners and Affiliates; carefully reviews over 20 various Oil & Gas projects each year in depth, to only choose a limited number that meet our strict criteria's.
  • We try to avoid narrow focus by targeting and choosing projects that are potentially diverse in either formation or geography.
  • In an effort to mitigate risk as much as possible within our sector we target multiple asset classes such as upstream and midstream in our funds”.
  • Energy Resources consistently seeks newer and better technology to increase efficiency, we then exploit them to maximize benefits to our investors.

*As Energy Resources expands into partnership formation, acquisition, leasing and non conventional energy sources; it looks towards the future with tremendous optimism.


  • Service Excellence & Transparency
  • Operational Strength & Integrity
  • Disciplined Investment Process
  • Investing with World Class Talent
  • Partner Capital Involvement


We continue to assemble attractive portfolio of energy holdings in the production and developmental side of the industry to give us strategic position. Our business strategy lets the experts: the engineers, geologists, and professionals oversee the projects while Energy Resources and our investor partners provide the financial framework and necessary capital for them to operate effectively.

Energy Resources is well positioned to take advantage of the current down cycle within the oil industry and expects to experience an attractive growth within the next few years. We are confident that we will deliver on our goal of building long-term investor and shareholder value by building a solid base of conventional light oil projects.

The company focuses its attention on acquiring quality assets at the most favorable prices and will pursue choice opportunities through a pre-established relationship of professional contacts and already identified properties.

Our key hydrocarbon recovery strategies are:

  • Maintaining a low-cost operations environment
  • Long term remaining life of wells, 15-20 years
  • Use of modern technologies such as 3D seismic for reveal of untapped reservoirs
  • Utilization of innovative, cost -effective technologies to increase efficiency thus production
  • Offering quality, developmental prospects for investor participation

Energy Resources believes a focused independent operator can acquire producing crude oil and natural gas properties and improve payback by reworking wells and reducing administrative overhead and operating costs.

The economy changes have created an immense opportunity for companies such as Energy Resources as, now more than ever major oil companies are offering quality strategic opportunities which typically produce positive cash flow, long life, up-hole and behind pipe potential. However, they are decentralized to the rest of their operations.

There are many crude oil and natural gas properties available today that present solid cash flow and extremely realistic opportunities to increase present daily production rates and overall recoverable reserves.  This can be achieved through improved maintenance, more efficient employment of oil field personnel, replacement of downhill equipment and simply better field monitoring and management.

Generally, there is a great deal of difference between the day-to-day operations of a large major oil company to that of a smaller, leaner independent company. Often, this improvement in efficiency results in an increase in asset value.

*Conventional oil and gas, or the term of conventional resources, applies to oil and gas which can be extracted, after the drilling operations, just by the natural pressure of the wells and pumping or compression operations. After the depletion of maturing fields, the natural pressure of the wells may be too low to produce significant quantities of oil and gas. Different techniques may be used to boost production, mainly water and gas injection or depletion compression, but these oil and gas fields will still be conventional resources.

Un-Conventional Reserves are a type of petroleum that is produced or obtained through techniques other than traditional oil well extraction. Unconventional oil production is commonly seen as more costly than conventional oil production, less efficient, and is likely to cause more environmental damage. This is because unconventional oil is considered “heavier” and requires more complex procedures to process.