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N.A Energy Resources Corp hosts monthly Webcasts on Wednesday mornings at 11am PST.  If you wish to participate, please indicate which day you choose and the particulars of the webinar will be sent to you by our administrative offices.

Our webinars are designed for information purposes only to evaluate the investment offering, Who Should participate:

  • Analysts, wishing to analyze the projects for their brokerage, firm or clients
  • Agents & Brokers, wishing to learn our product mix, gain exposure to the energy sector, invite clients for review of the investment offering
  • Investors, individuals whom are seeking knowledge to analyze our current offering, in order to diversify their investment portfolio to include direct oil and gas producing assets
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Day of the week: Wednesday, 11AM PST

Investors can only participate through a registered Exempt Market Dealer (EMD)
or a licensed agent under the North West Exemption