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N.A Energy Resources Corp. is committed to providing investors and shareholders with superior and sustainable returns through responsible in depth analysis of each project from acquisitions thru production and servicing of existing wells.

Investors can only participate through a registered Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) or a licensed agent under the North West Exemption


A Strategy Growth Strategy

At Energy Resources we base our success on our ability to deliver a winning partnership model for investors. Canadian institutional investors have the opportunity to invest directly into the partnerships that the company forms. A Limited Partnership is created to enable Canadian investors to invest in the projects without having to deal with any cross border taxation issues

Energy Resources short term goals are to strategically increase revenues from our existing discoveries through more streamlined production and reduced costs.  Ongoing plan components such as production, development, technology, over looked opportunities, as well as further acquisitions are all part of the forward - looking sustainability strategy of our company.

Investment Highlights

Energy Resources puts forth new investment opportunities in collaboration with our strategic industry partners.  Each Investment Offering would be different based on the structure of the offering, property production vs. development; however in all of our investment some key factor will not change:

  • Unit trusts or Limited Partnership units available for investors
  • Private Energy Trust Structure
  • Units Transferable
  • Monthly or Quarterly Dividend and Cashflow
  • RRSP & TFSA eligible
  • Potential for Capital Appreciation
  • Potential for IPO of certain offerings
  • In case of market shifts and strengths of the economy MLP of the whole company considered.

We are committed to maximizing benefits to our shareholders by:

  • Managing risk and expenditure commitments
  • Partnering in low-cost oil and gas Production plays at high equity levels
  • Providing producing and developmental opportunities with potential to give attractive returns to shareholders
  • Focusing on drilling for light oil